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Musician's Meetup

The Studio Collective is hosting a monthly meetup for producers and instrumentalists at any level who are committed to improving their craft.

The event will take place on Thursdays and typically follow this structure:

  • 7pm | DJ set with relaxed music
  • 8pm | Interview and Q&A with guest musician
  • 9pm | Tōsh b2b guest, performance by guest, or album listening

We're hoping to create a casual environment for music nerds to hang out, learn from each other, and meet people to collaborate with. We'd like to build a supportive community of musicians who plan to invest years in the pursuit of excellence in their instrument, in sound design, in composition, in production, or in performance.

San Francisco is a city with a rich musical history and a vibrant concert and club scene, but few active musicians live here. Our city is filled with exceptional people - intelligent, kind, hard working, and fast learners. We're curious to see what happens if we can inspire this passion and energy into music production and performance.

ps. Although we will be showcasing music, this event is not a party or a club night. It's an exploration of what happens behind the scenes. It's also not a good event to attend if you're a DJ looking to find gigs. But if you're a DJ interested in learning how to make music, you'll find it valuable!

Stay updated

We'll be sharing information via an SMS list and instagram. Follow @studiocollectivesf and sign up for SMS updates below.

Past interviews

Here are two prior interviews we've filmed to give you a sense of the atmosphere and conversations. We'll keep the interviews short and leave ample time for Q&A.

Issue #1: Live Coding ft. Idea Unsound

Issue #2: Berlin ft. James Fish