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The Studio

The Studio is based in the Mission District of San Francisco in the basement of AgapeSF, a create co-op house of musicians, visual artists, research scientists, and technologists. In the past, it was home to The Cathedrals. In Fall 2020, Tōsh took over the studio to build a space both for his own music and host local artists for recording and mixdown sessions.

Studio Infrastructure

The Studio is a modern recording studio focused on electronic music production. It is designed with software at it's core but with as much of the production process brought out-of-the-box into hardware as possible.

Studio Infrastructure:

  • Genelec 8361A monitors (30hz - 43khz response)
  • Secondary reference speakers (PA speakers, bookshelf speakers)
  • Mac Studio with M1 Ultra
  • 34" 5k2k ultrawide monitor with DCI-P3 color space
  • Console 1 mixing system w/ dedicated display
  • TC Electronic Stereo M Analyzer
  • Mackie DL32S mixer (w/ 32 ADCs)
  • 2x 48 point Art patchbays
  • Art 6 channel headphone amp

Studio Instruments:

  • Analog Synths (Sub37, Polybrute)
  • Semi-Modular Synths (Matriarch, Moog Sound Studio)
  • Analog Modeled Synths (Nord Wave, JU-06A)
  • Drum Machines & Samplers (TR-8s, Nord Drum 3P, Model:Samples)
  • Guitars (St. Vincent, bass guitar)
  • Effect Pedals (reverbs, delays, looper, compressors, saturators, guitar & vox effect boxes)
  • VSTs (various soft synths, effects, and mastering plugins)

In addition to a recording studio, the space can host small events (20ppl) focused on music showcases and discussion. The studio also has infrastructure for external events and creative visual projects including projection mapping, livestreaming, and cinematography.

Additional information and gear manuals can be found here.

Studio Images