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Tōsh is the live electronic project of San Francisco-based musician and entrepreneur Ashutosh Desai. He performs alongside instrumentalists bringing jazz-style improvisation and collaboration to modern electronic music.

His recent music emphasizes minimalist melodic concepts paired with dance-forward percussion and groove. He has studied under Sebastian Mullaert (Circle of Live), Hannes Bieger, and Billy Caso, with influence from artists and producers such as Satori, Hania Rani, Keinemusik, Jamie xx, and Danger Mouse.

Concert Film (unreleased)

Tōsh primarily performs live-electronic club sets alongside guitarist Nicholas Paul. Nicholas spent decades writing, recording, and touring with progressive rock acts in Chicago.

The following concert was filmed by Italian director Rodolfo Lissia (Onira films). The performance took place at 1015 Folsom, opening for Nicola Cruz at a sold out, near 1,000 attendee show.

The club set is composed of original samples produced or recorded in Tōsh's Mission District studio, layered with improvisational analog instruments - guitar, synthesizer, and drum machine.

The concept for the performance inherits from the improvisitational paradigms of Jazz and Indian Classical paired with the sound design and functionality of modern house and techno. Unlike most live acts, the set does not use a backing track and the instrumental layers are not pre-planned. Instead, stems, samples, and instruments are mixed live to create fluidity in arrangement and create more responsiveness to the audience and the moment.

Tōsh and Nicholas Paul have performed live at 1015 Folsom (one of the two largest dance clubs in SF), Burning Man Project's Fly Ranch, F8 (SF's premiere techno club), and a handful of other venues.

Entangled - 3 track demo (unreleased)

Drawing from concepts from the live club sets, Tōsh is working to release a series of EPs over the next two years. The EPs will span percussion-forward dance-floor tracks alongside harmonic-forward streaming focused songs.

The following three tracks constitute a demo of the first EP - titled Entangled, written in Spring 2022.

DJ Sets

In addition to performing live, Tōsh is a resident DJ at F8 (a San Francisco nightclub), Hotel California (a burning man camp),Agape and Moomin (creative co-ops). Tōsh has DJ'd at San Francisco venues such as Public Works, Great Northern, 1015 Folsom, with burning man camps such as Airpusher, Ooligan Alley, and Disco Space Shuttle, and internationally in France, Mexico City, and New Zealand.


Ashutosh Desai (Tōsh) grew up between Hong Kong, India, and California with an influence of Japanese culture through his schooling. His grandfather served as music critic for the Times of India reviewing performances by musicians like Ravi Shankar and Amjad Ali Khan, and his mother practiced 18 years of Bharatnatyam dance. Despite this, Ashutosh didn't pick up music as a creative pursuit in childhood, instead focusing on mathematics and computer science.

When he was 16, he taught himself how to build iPhone apps and achieved commercial success. He dropped out of college at age 19 and founded a new university based in San Francisco focused on creating pathways for youth from underrepresented backgrounds into the tech industry. The school operated for 9 years producing thousands of alumni and hundreds of bachelor's degree graduates before closing mid-2021.

Alongside his work in technology and social impact, Ashutosh spent his evenings frequenting concert venues and clubs across San Francisco and New York City driven by his passion for improvizational dance. He began attending Burning Man at age 20, intruiged by the intersection of Maker culture, civic design, technology, and dance.

After several years of making playlists for friends, he began DJing in 2017. He quickly established himself as a staple in the SF and Burning Man club scene through his taste in dance-forward yet emotionally expressive music. He decided to dig deeper into music by learning music production, with the goal of transitioning from DJ sets to live-electronic sets.

Arriving to music in his late 20's forced Ashutosh to design his own non-traditional education. His expertise in technology, education, and galvanizing teams gave him a good foundation on which to rapidly acclimate to modern music, which is increasingly technical, mathematical, and entrepreneurial. He studied music theory and production through online courses and through mentorship with internationally touring live acts Sebastian Mullaert, Hannes Bieger, and Billy Caso. He continues to deepen his music knowledge through studying more traditional forms including both Western and Indian Classical, and Jazz.

At present, Ashutosh resides in the Mission District in San Francisco. He works part-time coaching technology entrepreneurs around the world while pouring most of his energy into music.

Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz grew up outside Chicago, discovering the guitar at age 10 and playing his first club show at age 12. He spent decades in Chicago writing, recording, and performing with progressive rock acts like The Fireship, Sun Cellar, and Alaya. He then moved to San Francisco—where he now helps run The Long Now Foundation, a nonprofit focused on the next 10,000 years (an organization founded by ambient music pioneer Brian Eno).

With a background in systems engineering and continental philosophy, Nicholas is interested in abstract patterns and unrepeatable improvisations. His playing is polymetrical, which creates unexpected anchors for movement (i.e. makes you feel like a better dancer). He quite literally plays to a different drummer.

Nicholas enters each performance with fresh ears, having never heard the arrangement before stepping on stage. You’re hearing the music with him. And he is responding to it with you.

Additional Projects

Audio Visual Explorations

Inspired by AV projects by Max Cooper, The Blaze, and Sebastian Mullaert, Tōsh is working with filmmakers and visual artists involved with The Studio Collective to produce concert films, music videos, and backing visuals for shows.

The team is exploring a number of different approaches from cinematography based visuals to generative visuals. The following is a work-in-progress example of a concept filmed in New York City.

Burning Man Project's Fly Ranch

Tōsh was invited to perform the first ever show with amplified sound at Burning Man Project's Fly Ranch property in May 2021.

Fly Ranch is Burning Man Org's experimental property aiming to prototype what longer term civic design can look like inspired by on-playa experiences. Tōsh and Nicholas Paul were invited to perform to demonstrate what the future of Burning Man music can look like, with an emphasis on live performance, collaboration, and musicianship rather than DJing.

The performance used Hotel California's solar-powered sound infrastructure - which Tōsh helped build - to illustrate how Burning Man and similar events can become carbon neutral.

California Hills Live Set Video (unreleased)

Tōsh's live set concept was largely developed through the pandemic during a quiet period for the music world. He took this opportunity to film an iteration of the live set to begin sharing his original music with his community. The set was filmed by Bosnian cinematographer Igor Terzic in Jan 2021 on a ranch in the California hills.